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Shea butter, Essential oil Spa Candle

An original Effective Organic treatment..The langer lines massage!

langer lines

What are langer lines?

The human body is formed through a continuous process of cell division of a fertilised egg.The remains, or imprints of Cell membrane left behind during the cell division process are referred to as langer lines.
Effective Organic has created an original body massage treatment which focuses specifically on massage of the body according to the direction of the langer lines, a process which we have found to have highly effective anti aging benefits.
The warming Organic SPA candle`s blend of essential oils further enhances the anti aging effects of the treatment.
For use in Salon treatments or at home!

Many women suffer from a `Cold Constitution`.
Many health related problems are thought to occur as a result of having a cold constitution. Symptoms manifest as poor blood circulation and a malfunctioning lymph drainage system, which further increase trapped cold. This vicious cycle is difficult to break.
The stresses and demands of a modern lifestyle cause imbalances in the body, with women being particularly susceptible as the delicate balance of hormones are disturbed.
A change in diet, dress style and pursuit of a career which often means delaying childbirth until later in life are al contributing factors and aggravate a cold constitution.
Constant menstruation means that the ovaries are overworked and exhausted, causing malfunctions and irregularities in the body. During pregnancy the ovaries are allowed to rest and recuperate and this helps to balance the body functions.
As women choose to have children later in life, the symptoms of constant pressure on the ovaries manifest as a variety of ailments and poor overall health. The Organic SPA Candle treatment drains the body of toxins and heats the body internally, resulting in improved blood circulation and lymph drainage and is highly effective in combating the problems associated with a cold constitution.